okay what the heck are jean and marco doing in a volleyball anime

  • Baby:
  • Mom: awww! Are you trying to say, mommy? Say, mommy, sweetheart. Mommy-
  • Baby: Mikasa Ackerman is an important character and does not have an obsession with Eren. She loves him as her family and has every reason to be attached to him. Do not classify her as clingy or belittle her character because after losing everything you've come to love you too would grow attached to the one who gave you a second chance....
  • Isayama: I wonder what the fandom would want to see in the latest manga chapter
  • SNK Fandom: Tell us what happened to Marco
  • SNK Fandom: Actually fight titans
  • SNK Fandom: Find out what's in Eren's basement
  • SNK Fandom: Fill in some plot holes and explain some things
  • Isayama: Ah, okay I'll kill off some more characters and get Eren kidnapped again :)


Eremin Tokyo Ghoul AU


i bet erwin has like 40 tacky motivational posters all over his office including that one with the kitten on the tree that says “hang in there!” and no one can convince him how lame he is


Old men movie night where Erwin can never seem to stay awake.


This is the point where I would just get the fuck out of that village. Fuck the investigation. Fuck the mystery. Fuck that shit. I’d want to fucking live. The ghost of Oyashiro-sama could try to pull me back all it wants but just fuck that shit no no no no no fucking way needles in the food fuck that no.


you fucking salmon