Clara being an adorable flirt (✿◠‿◠)

  • twelfth doctor: *shows up three weeks late with starbucks*


it still baffles me how people think the big bang theory is sexist penny is literally the only character with any common sense at all and amy and bernadette are fucking smart as hell the show makes fun of nerdy white boys that’s literally it they’re always the butt of the joke the whole concept of the show is that geeky white boys are stupid which is exactly what tumblr wants to hear so what the fuck are people complaining about y’all just want to be angry


Danny Pink has been in half an episode and we can already tell he

  • is a man of colour
  • has a back story 
  • is a character with a life outside of the TARDIS
  • has depth 
  • is not another “tin dog”
  • is not just another “perfect companion” for the doctor 
  • is terrible at talking to women 

I can’t wait for all the posts saying how terrible and racist Steven Moffat is!


"For anyone, following your heart can be difficult because you don’t know what’s going to happen."


I write sins not cosines or tangents


u will be missed tim hodlestan :’(



you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls